World Wide Programmer's Web

Join us in this new exciting trailblazing effort made possible by the amazing progress in telecommunications. It is now possible to form distributed teams of programmers, working together on software projects, as if they were sitting in neighboring offices.
It's true--this is how we work at Reliable Software.
The World Wide Programmers Web is geared towards
  • Software developers looking to team up with other individuals on a software project
  • Individual developers wanting a place to promote their skills
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to set up a cost effective development team
  • Employers seeking software developers based on selected criteria


To join the ranks of WW Programmers fill out a simple form. You'll rate your skills and list particular programming interests. You'll be able to contact other WW Programmers and they'll be able to reach you.

Before you join, search the WWPW database and make it a point to send e-mail to at least one other WW Programmer. Tell them what you're interested in. They are waiting for you. If you have a good idea for a program, you might be able to convince others to join you in a world-wide collaboration. If you want to learn a new skill, find somebody else who'll learn it with you.

It is so much easier to work on a product when you have a team. Even having just one collaborator provides enough incentive to continue working until successful completion. How often do you start a good project and lose patience half way through? How often do you have ideas that you know would work, but don't have enough time or patience to implement them in software?

Join the World Wide Programmers' Web and share your ideas with others. Join-in on existing projects or start your own. Send e-mail to other WW Programmers directly from our web site. Learn skills and gather experiences. Whether you are a seasoned guru or just a beginner, you'll be able to find something that will stimulate your mind.



Try your organizational skills. You don't need a huge startup capital. All that's required is the will and the ability to convince others to work with you to create a new killer app. This is your chance. Search the WWP database and contact individuals from the list and start your own virtual company. Go to our resource page to learn about some tools and other resources to get you started.