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Good Programming Practices

  1. Start with a good design. Update the design documents regularly. Create additional design documents before adding major new features or functionality.
  2. The program under development should be at all times functioning. The development process consists of adding new functionality without breaking existing functionality.
  3. Work has to be divided into small incremental steps that can be typically accomplished and code-reviewed in one day. Even large-scale rewrites should be made incremental.
  4. Every line of code written or modified undergoes peer review. The smallest team must contain at least two programmers so that they can code-review each other's changes.
  5. Always attempt to work top-down in:
    • Design—start with high level objects.
    • Implementation—create top-level objects using low-level stubs.
    • Modification—change the top-level objects and the overall flow of control first. If necessary, use stubs, or fake new functionality using old implementation.