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Why use a version control system?

Version control systems (VCS) are used by web and software developers to manage and track changes made to project files making it as important to the development process as a good compiler or editor.

If you are part of a development team, you know that staying synchronized with your project team is just as important as tracking the changes to your project files. You need to be confident that you are working with the latest version of your project.

Most VCSs support team development, but they usually require a central server. Unfortunately, a central server solution is expensive and often requires regular maintenance. Also, every check-in, check-out, history review and so on requires access to this server. What happens if your developers can't access it? Development stops. Not with Code Co-op. This is where Code Co-op excels as the peer-to-peer version control solution. Every project member has the entire project on their workstation. Development continues regardless of a connection.

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