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The Code Co-op GUI consists of the following six areas:

  • Files
  • Check-in
  • Mailbox
  • Synch
  • History
  • Projects

The screenshots below will give you a brief overview of Code Co-op's functionality and its GUI. Click on the screen shot to see the full image.

Files Area Tab
Visual Studio screen visual

The Files Tab is where you can view and access your project files when you aren't working from within your integrated IDE. From the Files tab you will check-out, view, edit, move, delete files and more. Many of these tasks can be done against a single file or a group of files. You can also add files and folders.

Check-in Area Tab
Code Co-op Screen image

The Check-in Area tab shows you the files that have been checked out. Changed files will be marked. Before you check-in your changes, you can review them with the built-in visual Differ. When you are ready to check-in your changes, you can check in all of them or just a select group. Of course, you can uncheck-out your changes to revert the file/s back to their pre-checked-out state.

Inbox Tab
Code Co-op Screen image
The Inbox tab shows you incoming scripts from other project members. Selecting a script will show you the files that have changed and allow you to review the file differences with the visual differ. You can either manually receive scripts, or you can set your project to automatically receive and synch with incoming scripts.
History Tab
Code Co-op Screen image

From the History tab you will see a list of all the check-ins made against your project. To review what changed in a particular script, simply double-click the check-in comment to see the list of affected files.

Each check-in is considered another version of your project. You can select any version in your project and restore, branch, save, or export the files at that selected state.

Projects Tab
Code Co-op Screen image

The Projects Tab is where you can navigvate from one project to another. Also, the various sprocket colorings designate whether the project has files checked out or whether it has a merge that needs attending to.

Built-in Editor and Visual Differ

Code Co-op includes a built-in editor as well as a a visual differ.

Built-in Editor
Code Co-op Screen image

Double-clicking on a file in the Files Area tab automatically launches the editor regardless of whether the file is checked out. If you want to make edits, simply start typing and Code Co-op will ask to check out the file if it wasn't already. Any changes you make will be highlighted.

Visual DIffer
Code Co-op Screen image

Code Co-op includes a built-in Visual Differ to aid you in your code review. Before checking in your changes or after receiving changes from others, you can double-click a file to view the changes visually. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Beyond Compare differ which is also included with Code Co-op .