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Reliable Software Company Profile

Reliable Software was founded in 1996 to provide innovative programming tools and methodologies for developers.

Reliable Software released their first programming tool, Code Co-op, in 1996. The initial prototype was presented at the SCM-97 conference in Boston. It was discovered at that time that this type of collaborative programming tool was one of a kind.

Initially, Code Co-op was made out of necessity. Bartosz Milewski, the founder, and Wieslaw Kalkus lived on different continents. The only version control systems that could support their distributed set-up cost thousands of dollars. With no affordable products on the market to support this type of collaboration, they decided to develop their own. The initial prototype was created, and it enabled them to collaborate by creating a repository on each of their computers. The prototype kept their project in synch. As development progressed, so did Code Co-op. Code Co-op is currently being used all over the world

Reliable Software's contributions go beyond Code Co-op. They take a holistic approach to programming by providing instructional material for developers on their website. This material includes Windows Tutorials, C++ Programming Tutorials, free source code and more. The founder of Reliable Software is the author of "C++ in Action - Industrial Strength Programming" (Addison-Wesley 2001) and an editorial contributor to various trade magazines