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Whether you are at the office, traveling, working from home, or at your favorite coffee shop, Code Co-op gives you complete access to your project.

Code Co-op Files tabNo network, no problem

You can check out files, review or restore history and more all without a network connection. How is this possible? Code Co-op makes this possible by maintaining a secure copy of your projects on your computer. It is from this secure copy that you will check-out files and make your changes. Additionally, you can access your entire project history whether you need to review, restore, branch or save your project files at a previous state. Whatever you need to do, you can. The only time you need to be connected to your network or the internet is when you need to synch up with others. This enables you to develop anytime, anywhere.

Wiki Bug Database

With the release of version 5.0 (currently at beta), Code Co-op includes an optional wiki bug database which you can then review and amend at any time.