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Our Customers

Code Co-op has now been in the market for more than four years. In that time we've acquired a diverse client base -- from individuals to networked teams to completely distributed companies collaborating together around the world. Here's a brief list of some of our customers.

Northrop Grumman
Texas Instruments
Hewlett Packard
Virtual Academics Inc.
Prosig Ltd.
Dept. of Defence-DSTO Australia
Credit Suisse Private Banking
Tadpole Technology
Dept. of Health & Human Services,
 Baylor University
Sinex Aviation Technologies
ECI Telecom Ltd
Moskito Geo Information Systeme
Tourism British Columbia
MKS Instruments Deutschland

Code Co-op Testimonials

Our product has been successfully used by individuals, in-house teams and distributed teams. We continue to receive positive and constructive feedback on our product. As we continue to design and develop Code Co-op, we always consider what developers are saying and wanting from our version control system. Below are excerpts from (unsolicited!) correspondence we receive from Code Co-op users.

David Whale, Managing Director, Thinking Binaries Ltd

"Code co-op has got me out of some very sticky situations over the last year where I have had to back-out of a couple of changes that went horribly wrong, and I'm also now using it quite extensively to diff and merge 3rd party zigbee stack changes into one of our products, and it's a real dream to use. Thanks for such a great product."

Carl Zaslow, Optical Air Data Systems

"My company recently purchased a license and are having exceptional results. I am the developer and we have two "observers" just using the email interface. Because of the innovative peer-to-peer design, the tutorial provided and the simplicity of the user interface, we have experienced no difficulties and almost no learning curve. Just wanted to let you here some positive feedback   :) "

Rob Cyrier, Short Run Pro, LLC

"Btw, we love Code Co-Op! What a great tool to help keep up with files when you have people developing remotely. This is an awesome product!! As we continue to grow we will undoubtedly continue to use Code Co-Op. Keep up the great work!! "

Marcus Idle, Oxford Webware

"Code co-op puts us at ease.  It helps our team of six developers write code within and away from the office, knowing that our changes will be shared and synchronized with very little effort on our part.  It's also a very useful backup tool."

Steve Peake, McMurtry Ltd

"Code Co-Op is fantastic - the best software I've ever convinced my boss to buy for me. Keep up the good work."

Dunmail Hodkinson, Apollo Medical Systems

"Code co-op is a great application - it makes teleworking a reality rather than an aspiration - and having access to good technical support is the icing on the cake."

Andy Hood, Sarian Systems Limited

"We are a British company that designs and manufactures ISDN, DSL, Leased Circuit and GPRS routers, multiplexors and Terminal Adapters. We have developers in New Zealand and the UK and, with the 12 hour time difference, Code Co-Op has proved an excellent solution for distributed working. It's design instantly overcomes the problem of never being in the office at the same time and prevents 'development freeze' even when servers in the local territories are switched off, by design or accident!"

Joe Calkins, New River Kinematics

"Code Co-op is really cool. It has changed the way we develop... full speed ahead instead of taking turns with big changes because of who "owns" the code that day.... Keep up the good work!

We love coop and are always looking for the next release!"

Lin Sebastian Kayser, President, IRIDAS Digital Interaction Design

When we needed to expand our development team across several countries, we needed a highly reliable means to keep our code base in sync.

Code Co-Op is exactly what we needed. Code changes are automatically dispatched to our remote development teams. It allows us to forego a centralized online code repository that would be exposed to potential industrial espionage or hacking.

Co-Op allows us to focus on advancing our digital playback tools for the movie industry instead of worrying about a cumbersome version control system.

Ben Dyer

BTW Code-coop has been brilliant for this latest project. We've just released our latest product and right up until the last minute we had engineers working in the UK and Japan checking in files left right and centre with absolutely no problems! We couldn't have done it without you. Well done guys, you've produced a really great product.

James Goruk, Cave Barn Studios

You product is the best. It has changed the way we work. It has helped us be more organized and saved me hours and hours of time. I have used several other source control systems like Rational's, Microsoft and CVS. They don't even compare to Code co-op. It is easier to setup, easier to use and makes a lot more sense in the way it is done. Best of all it makes life easier.

Jeremy Evers with Cave Barn Studios

Code coop rules. It has saved me hours of time since we started using it, code merges are now effortless. the history is great. i don't care for the built in editor much, but I am really picky about those.

Matt Brown with Ransdell&Brown, Inc

You guys are great! Your product is great! We've only been using Code Co-op for 2 months and already we couldn't live without it.

A little bit about our business:

"We do custom software development for small companies all over the country and Canada. Mostly vertical CAD application. We developed a Cad Engine (read/writes ACAD) that we can quickly fashion into industry specific applications for our clients. For the last 3 years my partner and I literally worked out of my basement and we used SourceSafe on a server. I recently moved to Spokane and I was "getting by" with using PCAnywhere to access the Server in Seattle. When the server went down, development ground to a halt.

Since discovering Code Co-op we've shut down the Seattle server, we integrate several more times a day, it takes about a 1/20 of the time (actually it takes no time usually) , no more lost/overwritten code, etc, etc....

Integrations use to be a big part and big hassle of the day. Now it's a joy to integrate.

We are so much more efficient now. It's like we picked up a 3rd (invisible) member to the team.

Thanks again - you guys are doing an awesome job!"

Pete Small with Allison Systems

"Just a note to let you know that this version (referring to 3.0) is a success in my world.

Code Co-op has already enhanced my approach to developing software. I am using it now to manage an MS Access 97 project and I will be adding more projects as time goes by. I also have a huge investment in our order processing system written in an old long-dead DOS language. Code Co-op doesn't care, it manages that just as well!

This is a terrific tool."

Ciaran Gultnieks with Software Refinery Ltd.

"We are avidly looking forward to the release of the new version (3.0) of what I consider to be one the the best pieces of software I have ever used. Also your support is second to none.

Please pass on my thanks to all involved."

David Deckert and Ed Hennis with Awareness Technology

"What can I say? Co-op is the single most useful tool you can have for projects with more than one programmer. Heck it's even useful if you're working by yourself. Co-op is all of the power at a fraction of the cost of other version control. And when they say reliable they're not kidding. We've used every beta there has been and seen less bugs total than I see in one day of running Visual C++."

Michael Kirtinitis with Red X Technologies

"First let me say that I'm very impressed by the new version of Code Co-op. Our development team (two of us) have been looking forward to this version for some time. We're part of a virtual company that spans the globe, with development and admin support spread across Washington State. This product comes at the perfect time as we ramp up development and prepare to ship the next version of our software."

Reid Sommerville & Graham Cunningham respectively with ITWorks

"Rarely have I been moved to praise a piece of software, but this really is a boon, I love the hub/satellite arrangement, we've been making source changes just for the hell of them to see them get bounced around the network. I've recommended this to my old company."

"Code Co-op is an indispensable tool for managing projects across multiple sites with multiple developers all working on the same files simultaneously."

Karen Lahey with Huron Valley Consulting LLC

"We really like Code Co-op and find it useful. So useful, that we recommended it to one of our customers today."

Jon Benton with Buzz Software

"Co-Op is a wonderful idea--when I tell other developers about it, they first raise their eyebrows, waggle their heads and say, "No way." But you can see the idea percolating through their mind and then--Pop!--"Hey, that's a great idea!"

Keep up the good work.