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Extend Code Co-op with Beyond Compare

Release management is an essential part of the development process. Code Co-op plays an important part in the process by creating a version of your project with every check-in. Additionally, with the help of check-in comments and labels, you can find your milestones easily. Once you have identified the needed project version, you can restore, branch or export it.

Once you have created a branch of your project, you will most likely need to update the branched project with any bug fixes made to the base project. This part of the release management process has been simplified with the pairing of Beyond Compare with Code Co-op. You can use Beyond Compare to view and merge the changes between the base and branched project.

Managing releases:

  • Minor releases: Mark minor release points in the project history using a check-in comment or a label. If and when you need to rebuild or retest a minor release, you simply select the minor release point in your project history and select restore or export. If you need to modify a minor release, branch the project starting with the marked version.
    Restoring a Branch
    This screen shows how easy it is to restore a particular state of your project. You simply select the point in history and use the context menu to choose the action. The files will automatically be restored and checked out so you can proceed with testing.

  • Major release: After a major release, create a new branch. The new branch marks the beginning of the development of the next version. Your developers will gradually join this branch and start working on new things. Meanwhile, bug fixes and minor modifications are done to the original branch.
    Branching a Project This screen shows what happens when you select a point in History and select Branch. You will be prompted to name and designate a location for the project.

  • Merging Branches: When it is time to incorporate changes from the base branch to the new branch, use Beyond Compare. Beyond Compare shows you visually which files have changed between your original branch to the new branch. Opening a file will then show you the changes at the file level. You can merge all the changes or just selected ones.
    Beyond Compare GUI
    This screen above shows which files have changed between the branches.
    The screen below shows the changes to a file at the file level.
    Merging a Branch

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