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Co-op icon Extending Code Co-op

You can expand Code Co-op's capabilities by adding third party differ software. We have partnered with two such software providers: Scooter Software, the makers of Beyond Compare; and Guiffy Software, the makers of Guiffy SureMerge. By adding either of these products to your development, you will extend Code Co-op's abilities by enabling tree comparisons. Additionally, our partnership has enabled our customers to receive either of these products at a discount.

Beyond Compare

Code Co-op is bundled with a file differ that is part of Scooter Software's product, Beyond Compare. The full version of Beyond Compare will give you the ability to compare whole directory trees, including remote directories on FTP servers. See more information...

Guiffy SureMerge

Guiffy SureMerge, by Guiffy Software, includes a differ and merger. Initially, Code Co-op is only adding integration support for their differ starting with version 4.6. However, in the near future, Code Co-op will also be able to use the SureMerge technology for two- and three-way merges. See more information...

FREE Code Co-op Utilities

There are additional utilities available for Code Co-op. These were created by other users of Code Co-op.
  • Encryption - an add on that lets you encrypt scripts on a per-project basis.
  • Coopfish - Command-line utility for file encryption (blowfish algorithm)
  • Shell Extension for Code Co-op.
  • Differ Utility to allow 3rd party "diff" utilities like Araxis Merge