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Guiffy SureMerge

We are partnering with Guiffy Software, the makers of Guiffy SureMerge. We chose to work with them because their product offers you additional differ options like project tree comparisons. Our partnership will result in the integration of our two products, plus our users will benefit from a discount on Guiffy SureMerge.

We are currently working on the integration between Code Co-op and Guiffy SureMerge which will occur in two increments:

  • Differ integration with Code Code Co-op implemented in version 4.6.
  • Full integration with Code Co-op, including check-out prompts and merge - due out the in 2006

Code Co-op will continue to come with our built-in differ and merge tool and the Beyond Compare Differ. This integration just gives you another alternative differ and merge system.

Guiffy SureMerge Product Information

Guiffy SureMerge is the leading cross-platform, visual source file / folder & tree, Compare/Merge utility and component. Guiffy can be used to compare/merge source files of any type (with builtin UNICODE, MBCS, and over 150 File Encoding formats support). Guiffy also provides sophisticated folder and file tree compare and synchronization capabilities. Guiffy's 3-way smart merge, called SureMerge, surpasses all other merge tools with its intelligent functionality and ease-of-use. And, Guiffy comes with a Java API package so you can use it as a component in your Java applications.

Download the 21-day trial of Guiffy

Windows Download Download Guiffy for Windows

Linux Download Download Guiffy for all Linux versions. See Instructions.

Additional operating systems are supported. Go to Guiffy Software's download page to find the download for your platform.

Pricing and Purchase

As a partner and approvided distributor of Guiffy, we are able to sell Guiffy at a discount. See the chart below. Purchase it from us and save 20% off retail.

1 user $60
3 Users $120
Additional users $40 per user

The Guiffy license entitles you to an unlimited number of platforms. It also includes 12 months of Support, Updates, and Upgrades. To extend your coverage, you can purchase a subscription.


Go to our Purchase page to order your copy today.
Guiffy Subscription policy: The Guiffy License Agreement includes 12 months of Support, Updates, and Upgrades. After 12 months registered users can continue using their current version. However, if you would like to extend your support and continue to receive upgrades, purchase an Annual Guiffy Subscriptions good for an additional 12 months.

1 user/12mos upgrades and support $20
3 Users/12 mos upgrades and support $40
Each dditional user over 3 $13.50 per user