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Imagine being able to collaborate from any location with complete access to your project, design plans, and bug database. This means that you could be at home, on a plane, or at your favorite coffee shop with your entire project at your finger tips. What's more, you will stay in synch with your team's changes because they automatically pushed to you via Email.

  • Peer-to-peer Wiki Support. See technology preview created using built-in wiki subsystem.
  • Extensible Wiki-based database and built-in bug database application. See demo.
  • Branch merge support. See the Release notes for details on merge support.
  • SMTP/POP3 email support
  • GUI improvements that simplify the review of incoming changes and historical change records.

Wiki Bug Database

  • Download the zipped wiki files and copy them over to a directory in your Code Co-op project--the next time you enter this directory using Code Co-op, you'll see the home page of the database and you can start modifying it according to your needs. Of course, add the wiki files to the project and check them in.


See our 5.0 support forum to report issues and feedback. We will also post beta updates and information on the forum as well. However, if you would rather be emailed with beta updates, email and we'll keep you informed.

Purchase today and Save!

You can currently purchase Code Co-op 5.0 for $199 (version Lite for $149)

New Features 5.0 in Detail

Peer-to-peer Wiki support and an extensible Wiki-based database

The Wiki functionality allows team members to create local Wiki sites in their projects. These sites may contain notes, to-do lists, design plans, or any other documentation, ranging in form from pure text to richly formatted documents. Creating, editing, hyperlinking, and embedding pictures in Wiki pages is easy and intuitive. The pages are automatically versioned and shared between team members using Code Co-op, without the need for a web server. These sites are navigable using a built-in, full-featured Internet Browser Control.

Version 5.0 includes a flexible bug tracking system built on top of Code Co-op. Each bug report is a Wiki file which contains a combination of database fields and free-form Wiki-formatted text, with links, screenshots, preformatted code and more. Using a simplified version of SQL that is built into Code Co-op Wiki, bug reports can be displayed and organized based on their properties. This mechanism is general enough to let the user create and manage arbitrary text-based databases.

Branch and merge support

Previous versions of Code Co-op had limited support for branches. This release introduces intuitive branch merging using pluggable external tools.

SMTP/POP3 Email support

The addition of SMTP/POP3 support introduces the ability to collaborate using almost any email system that supports these protocols. It also means that the distribution of change scripts is completely hidden in the background. Many popular free email hosts like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail support SMTP/POP3.

GUI Improvements

The GUI improvements include the addition of split-pane history display, which makes it very easy to view, save, compare, and merge historical versions of files. Selecting a project version in the history pane brings up the list of changed files in the file pane. Specific changes can then be viewed by double-clicking on each file. The same convenient UI is used for reviewing incoming scripts before synchronization.


Read a more detailed summary from our development team.