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Telecommuting from where?...

In the beginning, in 1996, there were just two of us, one in Seattle, the other in Poland. Now there are four of us.

We telecommute. We converse almost every day using Skype. We are able to talk, exchange files, draw diagrams, all in real time.

Since we decided to have a distributed software company, we needed a distributed version control system. There wasn't any on the market, so we created our own. That's how Code Co-op was born.




Reliable Developers

Company meeting in Krakow 1999. Clockwise from top-left: Bartosz, Piotr, Wieslaw, Jerzy

Bartosz Milewski

[BAR-tosh mee-LEFF-ski]
(email: first name at relisoft dot com)

We are living in the most interesting period of human history so far. And I don't care about the old pseudo-Chinese curse "May you live in the interesting times"-- I love every moment of it!

I started as a physicist. I got my Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in Wroclaw, Poland (I often go there to teach programming). I left Poland in search of my fortune. I worked as a post doc here and there, visited CERN, had lunch in the company of Steven Hawking, published a bunch of theoretical papers on supersymmetry, supergravity, superstrings and stuff like that. I ended up in California with a super-hangover. I didn't see much future for me in Physics.

Bartosz Milewski

Then I discovered computers. I taught myself programming in C and got a job at Microsoft. Eight years later I quit. My product, the Index Server (of which I was the architect and the development lead) shipped, and I decided to do something I always wanted to do. No, not start my own company-- that was just a necessary step. I wanted to prove that there is a better way to make software. So that's what I am doing now.

In my "free time" I cook, bake, write, and teach. I used to teach computer graphics for game programmers at DigiPen. I talk at conferences, write magazine articles and books. I also help my son in making independent movies.

Debbie Ehrlich

Deb's Picture

I joined Reliable Software in 1997. I pretty much do anything other than software development. I am the person you speak with when you call. I also write and manage all our Code Co-op communications including the information on our web site, our product demos, collateral pieces, and all our PR pieces. I am also in charge of keeping up on the competition which is a task. Take a look at my Version Control and Configuration Management Feature Analysis. This was a big project. We intended to use it internally only, but instead decided to publish this on our web site as a useful resource for others.

I am graduate in Economics from the University of Washington. In my free time I enjoy home remodeling (will it ever end?), painting, sculpture, gourmet cooking, and anything having to do with the outdoors.

Wieslaw Kalkus

[VIA-swaff COW-coos]
Wieslaw Kalkus

I was involved in software development for as long as I can remember. I got my M.S. in Computer Science in Gdansk, Poland, and I immediately started working for the Telecommunication Institute in Gdansk. I worked on a compiler for a language used in the software development of digital telex exchanges (remember telex?-- it was the predecessor of fax). In the late 80's I left Poland and joined Microsoft where I worked on the C/C++ compiler project. Five years later I decided to return to Poland and help in setting up a Polish-American joint venture. For three years I was managing various projects involving network management software for our American partner. In the spring of 1996 Bartosz visited me here in Gdansk and convinced me that, with the raise of the Internet, we had a unique opportunity to develop reliable software across the Atlantic. What was I to do? I quit my job and started telecommuting from Gdansk to Seattle.

Piotr Trojanowski

PiotrI used to be Bartosz's student in Wroclaw, and a Reliable Software intern. I have a Masters in Computer Physics. I'm responsible for the maintenance of the Dispatcher (part of Code Co-op) and for testing.

Our Interns

These are people who work with us on little projects, just for the fun of it.
RadekRadek Karwowski
Bartosz's former student, now working at the University of Calgary in Canada. He administrates the Reliable Software Windows Library project

Jerzy Morawski (1951-2003)

Bartosz's high-school/college buddy. He was a mathematician living in a very small town in Poland. He implemented Code Co-op's compression algorithm and worked on the differ and the merge algorithm.