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The View is the part of Model-View-Controller that takes care of displaying data. There isn't much to display in WinTest, so the implementation is rather trivial.

class View
    View (Win::Dow::Handle win);
    void Size (int width, int height) throw ();
    Win::Dow::Handle    _win;
    int _xPix;
    int _yPix;
The view usually keeps the handle to the window in which it is supposed to paint, as well as the current size of the client area of the window.

Here's the trivial implementation of our View--just for illustration purposes.

View::View (Win::Dow::Handle win)
    : _win (win),
      _xPix (0),
      _yPix (0)

void View::Size (int width, int height) throw ()
    _xPix = width;
    _yPix = height;

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